RDG Home Solar System

Tutorial on how RDG is Empowering the Future

The Vision


The Vision for RDG is to Empower people. 

Empowerment begins by providing off-grid communities with access to clean, affordable and reliable energy. 

Key to our development as a society has been the ability to harness electricity, yet over 600 million people in the world today, still do not have access.

With grid extension into rural areas remaining a costly investment for governments, RDG’s vision is to bring power to the people. 

RDG aims to provide electricity to 1,000,000 households by 2025. 

The Products

The SolarEnebox


  • 128Wh Battery system
  • 2 x USB outlets
  • 4 x 12VDC outlets

22inch RDG TV


  • 22inch LED TV
  • Perfect for sports, movies and TV shows
  • 8hrs runtime on 1 Full charge

RDG Rechargeable AM/FM Radio


  • AM/FM Radio
  • With LED Torch
  • USB/SD Card slot for external music
  • 10hrs playtime on 1 Charge

16GB RDG USB Memory device


  • Allows you to watch movies and listen to music
  • 16GB Flash Memory
  • Included with each RDG TV

30W Solar Panel


  • 30W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • 10m Cable for easy installation
  • Fully charges the SolarEnebox in 5hrs

1W LED Light


  • 1W LED Light
  • 3m cable with switch
  • 3 lights included with each system

The Gateway


The SolarEnebox is not just electricity, but a gateway to a better life for off-grid households. 

In time, previously forgotten off-grid communities will not only have lights but electric fans, TVs, refrigerators, charging facilities, network connectivity and much more. The benefits of these are many.


For the first time, households, businesses and health clinics will be able to refrigerate perishable goods and vital medicines. 


For children who live too far from schools, RDG see’s a future where education will come to them. Daily lessons will be broadcast onto the household TV through a secure network connection provided by RDG. 



Farmers will be able to access live market prices for crops and livestock through the network connected RDG system, providing the necessary information to allow them to deliver their goods at times of favorable prices. 

RDG - Empowering the Future


Contact Us

Contact Us

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